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Friday, September 2, 2016

Celebrating and setting new goals

I am not always near an online connection, and in those times, I have a journal I sometimes write in. Truth be told, when the moment arises, I take advantage of the thoughts, emotions and feelings... I must jot them down. I wanted to share an entry I wrote back on April 17th, 2016. I believe this experience was so strong, I did blog about it too, but this entry that I wrote was a sense of massive frustration for me and a commitment to myself.

I wrote: I feel out of control. Why am I so out of control? Control of myself. I committed to stop a life-long habit, get healthier with my diet, exercise, balance, and quit my job.

Today as I sit here in Denver with no distractions, just time and space, I opened this journal to reflect and put down some thoughts. As I reread my earlier entry, I realized... I manifested those desires into my reality.

Ever bit of that entry has come to fruition.
1) I'm eating healthier. Not all the time, but 95% of the time. I deserve to indulge with my passion and love for food.
2) I finally did get the courage to quit my toxic job.
3) I have made BIG waves at the gym, as I've surpassed my original goals, and have now created new one's
4) I have ditched the life-long habit, and the desire is no longer present.

Time to set new goals. Time to be real about what I want. Time to manifest my future self.

Again as Michael Losier would say "what do you want"

Thank you for the reflections of the past, in order to celebrate the present.


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