Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What you don’t see

This is an old picture, but it represented an amazing analogy that hit home for me.

In society, people can be so judgmental!  Whether it’s the car you drive, your family, the clothes you wear, your house and/or the neighborhood you live in, either way it’s all inclusive of someone’s outward appearance. As a person who has experienced this first hand many moons ago, it is empowering to claim it, and recognize the gifts it gave me during that hardship.

Honestly, you never know how a person arrived where they are or if it’s what they want for themselves or frankly, why others are the way they are. What are the experiences, or reasons behind it? Is it because of their experiences, or is it generational following?

We as the “outsiders” have no idea of how deep one’s roots go. What I mean by roots is… experiences; cause and effects. We have no idea what happened to one another unless we were directly involved and present; or if it's a generational upbringing, or if it's how someone feels, unless they are willing to share openly and unfiltered… nor the scarring of those embedded experiences. 

How deep do other’s roots go? These roots you see, are from 1 of my trees that was cut down when we overhauled my backyard. The tree was a small, but a climbable tree, and these pieces are just a small portion that I was able to capture in this picture.

It was a reminder to me… It’s not what you see, and you never know by what’s on the surface, and you never know how deep things TRULY go! So, before you go JUDGING, try to stop yourself and try to be compassionate and humane. Your criticism could do further harm than good! Our society is cruel and so judgmental, I hope that collectively we as a human race can be aware of our actions and have compassion for each other.

Try holding out your hand for others in helping them up! Rather than be judgmental and pushing them down! Let’s show and be more loving! Imagine how the world would look, if we could just be good to others! You know that is how you want to be treated! So how can you expect that to be reciprocated, if you are not willing to be and act in that manner. ---You get what you give!

What are you giving to the world?

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