Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It's already October! Mid-October!!!

It seems that every year, I’m able to get a few posts in, and then the year flies by and before I realize it… only a few posts for the year. I miss blogging freely, and quite frankly, I am feeling restrained and have been for a while now, due to the challenges and situation with Jason’s ex-wife. In my experience, and this is my opinion, she is extremely slanderous, and uses any information that she gleams to hurt him. Therefore, sharing about my life is filtered. I do believe that will change at some point, and I will be able to openly share again.

So, if you know me, then you get the real deal up close and in person. BUT… I will be back to blogging “openly” soon!

Honestly, life has been good; no complaints! I’ve had my fair share of challenges. I’ve also had many triumphs! I am truly blessed, and extremely grateful! Work is good, life is good!

I wish nothing but love and light to everyone, and hope that no matter what is going on in your life, you find gratefulness for the things that are presently in your world. Even the challenges are gifts! It’s all about perspective!

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