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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ever make a promise to yourself…

I remember not to long ago when I promised that I would not allow my job to overrun my life. I truly wanted to have balance. Well here I am again; my job has taken over. Why? How?

I feel like I am at a point in my life where, I’ve raised my kids. They are clear across the other side of the country, and their boys, so I never really hear from them as they are busy with their own lives. I’m thankful that they are independent and have their stuff all figured out. As to me, I have finished my education as far as I want to take it, and now it’s about my career, myself, and my relationships with others.

I started working with this company as an Office Manager, but the plan was that I would eventually step into the position of the Controller, once the Controller had left. So that has happened, and it’s amazing the things you find out when that other person leaves. Or shall I say how many things, I didn’t know about. I’m a fighter, and I jumped in with both feet. My challenge is that my staff are time clock watchers, and I feel that if you focused on the job instead of what time it was, then you would be more productive. So, since my staff are more about working their exact shift, it leaves the burden of the department on me. I’m the boss, I get paid the “big bucks” therefore the necessity of the department is my responsibility. What is upsetting, is that I’ve allowed it to get this far before I made changes. I’ve allowed it to overrun my life, my schedule, and intrude on those important things in my life. The past few months of changes have made my department very disruptive, and I’ve had times where I was in tears. That was a learning experience! Well, a few weeks ago, I decided that enough was enough, I was done. I’ve decided to become clear in what I want! AND I have… and when I did… the right people crossed my path.

The good news, is that I’ve finally hired someone to relieve me from the stress load of this job, I have a lot of things to do, and a longer of list of tasks that need to get handled, but I’m super excited for the transition, and happy that transition is on it’s way.

This is to me, for having the awareness that things aren’t right, and things need to change. This is to me, for having the wisdom to recognize that old patterns are… no, have creeped back into my life and it’s time to reclaim it back.

I have a short vacation planned for next week, another short cruise to the Bahamas, and an opportunity to jumpstart this change of reclaiming my “personal” life back.

Cheers to having a Saturday off, and some of my energy back to doing more of the things I love to do.

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