Sharing my JOURNEY....

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wanted to, but never did!

Wanted to blog, but have been super busy. I realize that this my excuse, but I’ll own it, and say that work has consumed me! Yes, I allowed it, but staying focused is my mantra right now. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written. --Too long really!

Work has been nuts. Brian says that “I put most of it on myself” but I will always take accountability of my responsibilities, and always a team player! -I call it taking pride in what I produce, and be proud of what I’m doing. Most days, it feels as if I’m over my head, but my reality is, it’s a learning curve to understanding why things are the way they are. I may have been there for a year, but until your teacher is gone, you never know what you’re doing, until your riding solo. Trying to keep the balance between mind, body, and spirit hasn’t been going so well for me. Haven’t been to network care for at least 3 months, and it’s been 2 weeks since the gym. Burnt out at work, and feeling like I’m needing a break soon!

Therefore, I am thinking that in February I shall make my way to New Orleans or West Florida instead of going to CO like I always do in February. Something different. I want to stay in warm weather.

Getting back to myself is my utmost priority, and 2018 will be the year of transition, and progression for me and the things that are in my life.

Can’t wait to make it through to the other side of this craziness, and have structure and balance. I welcome 2018 with an open heart!!!