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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wanted to, but never did!

Wanted to blog, but have been super busy. I realize that this my excuse, but I’ll own it, and say that work has consumed me! Yes, I allowed it, but staying focused is my mantra right now. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written. --Too long really!

Work has been nuts. Brian says that “I put most of it on myself” but I will always take accountability of my responsibilities, and always a team player! -I call it taking pride in what I produce, and be proud of what I’m doing. Most days, it feels as if I’m over my head, but my reality is, it’s a learning curve to understanding why things are the way they are. I may have been there for a year, but until your teacher is gone, you never know what you’re doing, until your riding solo. Trying to keep the balance between mind, body, and spirit hasn’t been going so well for me. Haven’t been to network care for at least 3 months, and it’s been 2 weeks since the gym. Burnt out at work, and feeling like I’m needing a break soon!

Therefore, I am thinking that in February I shall make my way to New Orleans or West Florida instead of going to CO like I always do in February. Something different. I want to stay in warm weather.

Getting back to myself is my utmost priority, and 2018 will be the year of transition, and progression for me and the things that are in my life.

Can’t wait to make it through to the other side of this craziness, and have structure and balance. I welcome 2018 with an open heart!!!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oh Geez, GOD, please give me the strength!

I know that I enjoy a challenge, and I must learn to be careful what I ask for, but this is becoming too much. I am not sure if I will get through this.

Honestly, it’s not the question of will I get through this? It’s the question… will I keep the balance I’ve worked so hard to obtain. Ugh… I’ve worked so hard on this, and my goals, that I cannot allow this to take over. I just mustn’t!

I have more transition coming up, and things are about to become more of a challenge. Get your game face on, because the shit is about to become more real!

Oh, please help me find the strength, and the balance to keep my sanity through this entire transition.

Please help me get through the rest of the year. I’m on my knees begging and pleading to help me keep my composure and find the strength I need to make it out on the other side.

Monday, August 14, 2017

If you don't like something, change it!

I know that I’ve blogged about this before, but it's time to post a refresher. I offered to help a good friend with some advice on how to change certain aspects of their life. Bottom line is this... by changing what you focus on, you can shift your life. So, what you give energy and attention too, will grow! This is for you my friend, and for anyone else who happens to read this post.

If you change your verbiage, you WILL change your life. 

Contrast to Clarity... I cannot take the credit for this worksheet. I discovered this from a mentor who taught me a lot about the Universal Law of Attraction. -Thank you Michael Losier!

Some folks are so trapped in the negativity of their situation, that they cannot see what they want. Essentially, it’s easier for those folks to list everything you don’t want and/or don’t like. -1st. 

Honestly, no matter where you are, the gift you are giving yourself, is that you've already taken the first step... Awareness! The next step is ... how to make that shift. Again, change your verbiage, change your life! 

I utilize the CTC Worksheet to help make that shift from what I don’t like to the list of things I do like. 

                1)  On the top of the page… I am Manifesting and Attracting my                                   ideal______ In this blank space you will write what area you want                               to change.

                2) Then, on the list of Contrast on the left, write everything you don’t like                    about the  “blank” from #1

                3) The on the opposite side of the line, write “what do you want”
                    Example:  Contrast: I drink too much   }{    Clarity: I want to drink less
                                     Contrast: I work too much   }{    Clarity: Work less; play                                                                                                              more
                                     Contrast: Too stressed        }{    Clarity: Less stress

Once you’ve completed your list, I like to take it a step further…. What would it take to make those changes?

Contrast: I drink too much   }{    Clarity: I want to drink less
1) Buy only a 6 pack a week
2) Stop hanging out at bars/clubs
3) Drink water or something else while I’m out eating

Contrast: I work too much   }{    Clarity: I want to work less; play more
1) Find some outdoor/indoor activity that I can do a few days a week
2) Make a rule to take lunch EVERY day!
3) Make more friends that like to go do things without drinking

Contrast: Too stressed        }{    Clarity: Less stress
1) Make a rule to take lunch EVERY day!
2) Work until 5pm daily, and if you must stay late, only stay one hour and limit that to 2 days a week
3) Find a YOGA class that you can connect with the class/instructor

Do you want to take it up to another level??? The next step is visualization.
What would it feel like to have that ideal ______?
What would it look like to have that ideal ______?
Take some time each day or a few times a week to image and feel what it would feel like if you had your ideal _____. That in which you give energy and attention too, will GROW!

Remember, the in between "journey" will be challenging, but the goal should be your fire that lights the torch along the way to your ultimate "on fire" goal!

Along the way, and in the end, always.... HAVE GRATITUDE!

Love and Light beautiful people!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

2016 -2017 Where did the time go?

I was just getting back into blogging again, and boom! Things change again. I guess it goes to show, how you can always count on change. Don’t get comfortable. Honestly, comfortable isn’t my thing anyway. I like to expand and grow as much as I can!

In the beginning of 2016, I was bored, hated my boss, my job and the energy that surround my professional surroundings. Then in July, I quit my job… best thing I ever did since moving to Miami.

August, I shifted things around and continued to work on the house and myself. Oh, and I committed to running a 10k… last time I committed to running, I injured myself, so I was a bit hesitant. After all, I wasn’t getting any younger.

September, started a new job… thank god for Law of Attraction! But a lesson in being careful what you ask for. Honestly, I’m not kidding anyone… I love my job! I especially love the environment and the integrity of the company and all the people who are here.

October, was a whirlwind of changes. New job, training hard, and still trying to find balance.

November, successfully ran my 10k and kicked ass! I was so motivated by the run, that I felt that I needed to up my anti. So, I was challenged to participate in the Spartan Races. So, I said… yes!

And from there life was just swept away. New job which I am absolutely in love with. Honestly, when you set your sight on what you want… it’s amazing how the universe goes to work for you. Of course, you must keep it within your sights all the same, but I couldn’t’ve asked for a more perfect job… ever! It was challenging… no it was seemingly impossible at first. Now in hindsight, all is better. I love the team that I’ve hired, and the changes we all have implemented in creating a free flow environment for my Accounting office.

I’ve completed the Spartan Race. I ranked 4th in my age group for the heat I was in. Impressed with myself. I know that Josh, my incredible partner could’ve finished sooner as I slowed him down, but I can say that I loved it, and will probably do it again next year! Learned a few things, and will apply those next time.

Here we are in June. Life is slowing down at the office. I am finally at a point where I’ve claimed my weekends and evenings back. Finding balance between work and personal has become a thing in my present. It’s just amazing to me to take a step back, breathe and discover how it’s June. OMG, where did the time fly?

I hope to continue to blog, now that life has slowed down!

Love and Light