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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hard work and Determination pays off!

Hard work and dedication has allowed me to lose 7% body fat and drop 4 pants sizes.

This transformation has been amazing! A challenge that I have been struggling with or trying to make happen for the past (at least) year. It goes back to this...

Either you get tired of hearing yourself "say" you're gonna do it or you get tired of being the way you are... Either one will lite that fire to motivate the change. Thank you for not allowing the change to happen forcefully through some kind of medical induced situation; it was on my terms!

This morning after meeting with my amazing trainer "Josh" I realized (again) that I am my worst critic. I need to lighten up and enjoy the ride. Thank you Josh for being that rock who reminds me that I'm doing just fine!!!

Cheers to the goals evolving to... muscle toning and strength training.

Hard work does payoff!

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