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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gung Ho!

Yesterday I rocked it! Honestly, I cannot remember a time when I was this excited for something. --I’ve taken action towards flipping the switch. DOING WHAT’S HEATHY FOR MY BODY. AND… in those actions, I’ve discovered and now have things in my life that I’m SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!!!

Look, don’t get me wrong… I eat super healthy.  Fast food just happens sometimes, ya know what I mean... “Drunken nights” … Me too. Sometimes I find myself indulging, but… I give myself a pass as drinking doesn’t happen too often either. The trade… It’s totally worth the dancing I did on the dance floor that night.

Staying focused on the goal… A HEATHIER ME. Doing something that raises my heart rate-daily is something I mentally feel needs to happen. I exercise almost every day. If I don’t exercise, then I’m either playing racquetball, working in my yard/house or swimming.  I realize that I’m not 20 anymore and exercising more has brought me to a new awareness. My joints. Particularly my right knee.

First off, I am so excited to start training for an 8k obstacle course we are going to be doing in December. Making the decision to start exercising has changed things and brought things in my life; for me. Positive… Mentally and physically.  I’m thankful that my joints have made themselves aware with the soreness in my knee. It made me start thinking about my supplemental and vitamins.

I take 5 different vitamins and supplements every morning. The funny thing is that I realized that I take a massive multi-vitamin, vitamin D, Iron, Pro-biotic, Omega’s and now I want to add a joint supplement. It’s actually 2 more pills daily. Ugh... have I become that pill box lady? At least, none of these are prescribed by doctors that derives from the pharmacy made in some lab somewhere. I’ll gladly take these. To me, it’s all about prevention.  Come on ladies… isn’t that why we buy lotions and potions? That’s a whole different topic.

But 7 pills. Ugh! I guess what I’m saying is that I take the others for my body, why not add one; technically 2 for my joints?  If it helps this knee heal, and I can continue to train, then I guess that’s what “doing whatever it takes” means. 

I’m going to continue to train, but take it easy on this knee until it gets stronger.

Keep pushing myself to the next level!

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