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Saturday, April 30, 2016


It’s a challenge for me to want to fix something, if the others involved are not willing to participate. –Fully!

The path to resistance of change can sometimes cloud the perception. The perception that comes from the mind that “WANTS” you to stay comfortable. 

How can a person change other people’s minds? Be a willing participant; be part of a team? Enthusiasm, a renewed sense of things are going to get better. Of course there will always be a time where we shed the old away, and bring forth the new. 

Oh what a challenge, I’m excited to fix something again. I’ve been SOOOOO bored at work. It’s a bit crazy right now, but things WILL get better!


Like a cord that is unwinding quickly as it falls to the floor. Trying to find balance but not living congruently. Clearing clutter, creating new habits, and making those hard decisions.

Unraveling, is that even a feeling? Cuz that’s how I feel! It’s time to set boundaries, and make those hard changes. It’s time to get real again. >Oh, how I always end up back here again. Perhaps it may be at a higher level of being; further than where I started. BUT IT STILL SUCKS!

How is it that I’m trying to get healthy, yet some of the decisions that I’m making.....… go against those very words. CONGRUENCY! Ugh! Oh painful awareness can be at times. Perspective of knowing the difference is what allows me to be better!

Now the question is, what are those hard decisions? –I’m putting it out there, and trusting that the universal energies at may will align the signs for me to see.

Oh, I’ve strayed so far from myself. “Tears” –It’s time! 

Maybe this is what Dr. Mark was talking about. “I’m in denial” It is possible that he saw something that I didn’t. Isn’t that why I see him? To call out the BS and raise my awareness. Honestly…No, things aren’t okay. I am searching for ground again. 

Reality check to Kim. Time to stop fucking shit up for myself. It’ time to get back on track, stay focused on the goal. What is the goal again???

Staying focus on my mind, body and spirit. Live congruently and live out loud!
Love and light beautiful people!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Too long!

It's been so long since I've blogged. Honestly, I've had so much on my mind and many things to occupy my time and blogging hasn't been on the forefront. However, it has become stronger in my thoughts lately. I guess the break is over, and I will refer back to my journal to get those topics posted.

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