Thursday, July 16, 2015


Is it me, or am I just becoming “old school” – I wouldn’t of ever though that about myself in a million years, but I find technology exhausting! Yes, I’ll admit that when I want to find a good restaurant… Yelp is fabulous! AND, I love the fact that I can shop online for those things I cannot or choose not to waste my time driving around for, and that I can research those things that have captivated my attention… BUT, I will limit myself to those times when it’s necessary to use my devices. It’s bad enough that I am connected to some sort of device for work… almost all day! -Our world has become so dependent on technology. 

If you are a student, or perhaps a teacher, if you want to research anything… information is so reachable by the right combination of words or phrases on a search engine. AND that’s a good thing, or is it??? Is what you read true? Is it opinion? For me, I feel so consumed by technology, devices, television and so lost in the divine of our natural world. So, with great pleasure, I’ve decided to go back to basics. 

Honestly, I may not disconnect 100%. I will keep my cell phone, to keep in touch with those that are far from me. My TV for when I want to watch something or curl up to a good movie. My laptop for the times I need to find a great recipe, shop for something specific or send something by email. --BUT I am no longer going to blog online. I’ve decided to write in a journal again. I truly enjoy and yearn for more connections with the world right outside my door. People to people, nature and loving what is intended for us as human beings. Technology is great when used in moderation, but I’m feeling the deeper desire to disconnect, and be more connected on a personal level.

So, this will be my final online blog. I will be utilizing the people to people social connections going outside and doing those things that I LOVE! –Being connected to my natural surroundings and with Mother Earth.

May peace, love, many blessings and joy surround each and every one of you!