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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I absolutely hate fighting!

Madaris Siding & Windows has made me so angry! 

I spent over a month in researching companies, meeting with them and making sure I did my due diligence in knowing I felt confident in making the right decision in this investment. AND now I am being left with no choice but to hire an attorney just to correct this breach of contract and rectify the wrong doings against me. 

Why in the world would I think that other people in this world would have integrity? This company has a handful of locations throughout the USA, and I thought they would be a good fit for the job. B-U-T—NO!

I am so angry that I spend $28K to invest in High Impact Vinyl windows & doors and find out that they installed aluminum French doors instead of Vinyl, still haven’t install a door handle to my cabana door, cannot get them to repair the issues I have with the products that are already installed, nor pull a permit, let alone can I get them to complete the job! Grrrr. People like this piss me off! I have better things I can spend my hard earned money on.

I hope that when I file against his General Contractor’s license, this ignites a fire under his ass, and he does his part in finishing this project. If not then my next step is a law suit against the corporate office. My only hope is that this does get rectified. If not then I hope this comapny who has been in business for 10+ years goes under and KARMA bites back with a vengance.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Snorkeling in Key West

I cannot even begin to tell all about my experience in the Keys this weekend. --First off, it was so nice to unplug and unwind! No phones, nobody no demands, just peace and quiet. My super good friend and I rented a place with a kitchenette. It was nice. Everything was there for me to cook and refrigerate anything I couldn't eat in its entirety.

We simply did nothing but bike ride the island and discover many parts of Key West. The last time I was down this way, I didn't get an opportunity to explore... I was only there over night. -Too short. BUT this time I stayed from Friday until Monday. Again, we brought the bikes, so we could cover more ground. AND we had the time to visit all the "tourist" spots. Not to mention the exploration of all the beautiful architect of the city, and taste some of the culture.

We found the best Key Lime pie at a place called Mangos -Perhaps I may have been drinking, but I loved it so much, we ate 2 slices. We even went back the next night and bought a whole pie to take home. -Yum. That was devoured in a few days! Pie for Dinner and Desert! -No regrets.

We also discovered this little hole in the wall that severed the most yummy Japanese Noodles -Kojin Noodle Bar. This little jem is the shit! Super friendly staff, A+ service & the food was very authentic. Not bad for the Florida Keys!

By far the best experience I had during this trip was the Dry Tortugas -we spent an entire day exploring this 19th century fort and snorkeling for hours, and hours. The salt water killed my hair, but nothing that some good old hair product couldn't restore. I would do it again if I get back down there!

Here's to playing more!