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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The “To do” list

I cannot wait until I get things done on my, to do list but it seems that I knock one thing off and another pops up!

Replacing the fascia on my roof due to the screened in porch being replaced, reveals more termite damage, and active termites. It’s a good thing I had the house sprayed for termites back in September/October and it’s guaranteed for one year! So thankful for that. Now I will make it a priority to replace all the fascia in the next 6 months to ensure there are no more active termites.  –One more thing to add to my… to do list.

Some days I wonder why I bought my house. I knew it was going to be a project house, and I never even imagined how much of a project house. BUT then a visitor comes to my door… back door actually! It’s a huge turtle. She started digging a hole at the edge of my door, by the screened in porch to lay her eggs. I had to move her since where she was digging a hole, right in the middle of where the guys will be digging to repair/update my pool. I didn’t want to kill those precious unborn babies.  

At that moment, I found solace in my decision. Besides, it’s so peaceful at my house. The multitude of different birds, fish and the gigantic iguana who lives in my tree; I think he is loving my compost pile. Why leave when all he needs is right there. Right?

Makes my to do list worth every day that I’m working hard to make this house my home.

Monday, March 23, 2015

All Floridian Inc.

Business is business and I am so incredibly mad that out of the handful of people/businesses I chose to do business with that there are 2 companies who have chosen to not live up to their integrity!

I have already blogged about Madaris but this post is solely for: All Floridian Inc. located at: 600 SW 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
I hired this company to update the Wind Mitigation in our 1974 home in 12/2014 for the purpose of safety but solely to reduce the insurance cost of living in an older home that has not been brought up to new (current) wind mitigation codes. 
The job was to remove the Drywall around the perimeter of the (interior) house on the ceilings and walls, strap each truss with Simsons straps, repair drywall, tape and skim joints, and be provided with a wind mitigation report to submit to my insurance agency.
When writing the check for final payment, Anthony assured me that he would take care of the final report, therefore since the (physical) job was completed, I paid the final payment to Anthony Debolt on 1/7/2015. To date, I still cannot get my wind mitigation report to submit to my insurance for proof of the work being completed essentially costing me the high insurance rate despite the work being complete.

I have tried, calling, emailing texting and leaving numerous messages to find out where my report is. Anthony keeps telling me that he is working on it. It has been 60 days and still no report. I am now starting a complaint with the BBB of Florida, and moving forward legally! As not having this report is costing me upwards of $450 a month.

Highly disappointing as Anthony genuinely seemed as if customer service was the number one priority.

Another story to chalk up to experience! BUT I'm not finished fighting, and wont be until I get justice!