Sharing my JOURNEY....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keep going…

I woke up this morning exhausted!

Can’t say that in all my years, I have ever experienced seven hours of sleep and woke up feeling like I just worked a super long day. -I am definitely starting to feel the affects of age. To those who are older than I am, I know I am considered young; and, I feel young! BUT OMG!!! Two weeks straight of just hard long days are helping me to feel like I am not. The challenging thing about this is that I still have a few more weeks of this. I tell myself that I have to keep going, but if I continue to feel like this in the morning… I will be so burnt out! Will I recover? I know our bodies are amazing and I know that I will, but I feel like I am running out of steam and running out fast!

Thank you to the help we had this weekend in getting us through this transition. Thank you for the experience in understanding that this is going to be the last for the time being and for that matter… the next 4-5 years!

I am excited about this new chapter and I know that I have definitely earned some time off to reap the rewards of all this hard work. –Just wish it could be here sooner.

Just a quick note to show my gratitude and to voice my exhaustion; I know that I will look back on this at some point and say “Boy am I glad that is over and YES, we made it!”

Thank you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

So proud!

To all the hard work and long days... Not to mention all the pulling out of my hair to keep him on task...

The day has finally come where CJ has graduated!

I ams of proud of his hard work and proud to see that he has risen to the occaision to go out of his comfort zone to make this possible for himself.

Congradulations CJ, You did it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Some days I feel like the old “TOXIC” patterns just jump back into motion before I realize they are even there.

Awareness is a marvelous thing but I get tired of the circular motion of repetitiveness. I know that we as human species are creatures of habit, but REALLY? Why is it that we can establish a new pattern, and out of the blue, the old ones keep showing up? -Again and again, and again.

I used to be so self destructive and hurtful to myself, I allowed the judgmental and emotional side of my feelings to feel unconfident about my life or secure about which direction I am headed in; some days it just wants to just take over and I have to play tug of war. I know otherwise that the sure tail signs are showing me that my heart is winning over the mind battle. And that the things I’m doing are just falling into place. Are they? Or are they being forged into motion and then they just fall where I point them to? Either way the saying is “Go all in or go home” I am definitely a fighter! Some say stubborn and in many ways that has been true, but now that I am old enough to see the difference “I think” to make wiser decisions about what I do or where I go. Don’t get me wrong the mistakes are still there. –They always will be!

I know in my experience with life coaching, that the law of attraction is super powerful! It can be utilized in a healthy manor, or it can also be used in an unhealthy manor.

 It’s challenging for me to remember that thoughts carry vibrations of energy. With those old patterns that weave in and out, I have a challenging time with harnessing those negative judgmental thoughts that create the vibrations of negative energy. Boy, and when I finally realize that I am in that state of mind, the shift that needs to happen can make all the difference.

 For me to live with my heart and not my mind makes the battle so much easier to fight.

 Some days I feel like I have a grip on them. Some days my minds monkey chatter gets the best of me and I just spiral down into the abyss until I have the ability to say “ENOUGH”

 I just wanted to share that we are all human and no matter how hard we strive to be better, the old toxic patterns WILL weave in and out trying to get you to cave in. Live with your heart and no matter what life will meet you where you stand! Just remember to keep getting up and keep having faith in yourself!

Love and Light!