Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yes, Thank you...

I feel as if I have moved forward in my life in so many aspects.

In my mind, I have chosen to no longer hang onto something so disheartening. I’ve experienced carrying those heavy burdens…. I honor those things but I’m choosing to process through them.

I guess for me it would be as if I came to terms… so to speak.

I feel as if every day of my life, mostly on the weekdays… I’m busy with something. Running to appointments for the kids, appointments for myself, gym, work and whatever other activities we r in…. Honestly how do I manage this? IDK! But I’m not going to analyze that. Just a bit of gratefulness.

For once in my life I am seeing major growth and instead of trying to figure it out and question it… I’m just accepting it and saying thank you.

Amazing! I feel empowered as a single mother right now in my life, and even though I have a list of things going on, I feel good in my Mind, Body and Spirit.