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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OMFG!!! They R driving me CraZy!

OMG! Do your kids ever drive you so crazy that sometimes it’s easier to just ignore them?

That used to be an easy task before I was married and now it’s a challenge. So the process of tuning them out is taking some work. Sometimes I wish they could just be muted. Like on CLICK…

They're boys, so sometimes they sound like their going to kill each other or someone is seriously going to get hurt. DRAMA! Yuck.

They are not all bad... on the flip side, my boys are awesome kids. They put up with a lot when they deal with me AND they are helpful too. Now that we are almost settled I think we are going to go somewhere. Do something. What? I figure when the time gets closer to being finished then something will present itself to me. I just desire it to be fun!

I just wanted to blog a feeling of craziness with the drama from the boys tonight. Ahh well I love em but they drive me crazy sometimes!!!!!!!!

Living day by day…. I will keep going forward!