Sharing my JOURNEY....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What just happened?

Dude! My computer’s hardboard died, so getting access to the internet has been a challenge. Still going to blog when I get a chance. So here’s the skinny on the last few weeks……..

Have you ever been just cruising through life and then all of a sudden something happens that dramatically changes everything?

It is so hard for me to believe that my life has taken a 360 degree flip and then some….

There have been so many awakenings that have opened my eyes further into this journey of where I am headed.

A friend recently told me that “Sometimes it takes something drastic to happen for that change to shift”

A force that is stronger than what you can control. Control, which is what I have been out of for the past,… about 4 years. I believe myself to say that I have been in a comatose state. Waking up and figuring this mess out is going to be a challenge but I know that deep down within myself I am so much closer to being within my inner power. Scary but I know that it will all be ok. Breathe……

It feels so good to be back! Now it’s time to clean up the mess.

I going to get a job and this time, I have decided to do something FUN with my life for a career.

I’m super excited!

I am so grateful to have the greatest friends in my life.

I am so grateful that I drive a beautiful gas guzzler.

I am so grateful for things working out.

I am so grateful for the money I have in the bank.

And of course but not least, I am grateful for my kid’s smiles.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing a new record

This is something that is not new to me but as I evolve and form a deeper awareness, I am understanding what I feel say and think has an impact on the out come of where I’m headed.

Thank you for the awareness of understanding the records I constantly play in my head. I am on day 7 of catching and keeping myself playing a new record and I just have to share with you that I am so happy that I have finally come to realize the power of my words, and thoughts. I have developed a new awareness of listening deeper into what I say and catching myself before I continue to play that negative record.

Consciously bringing what thoughts I want into my life and seeing myself grow and continue to make the mistakes. We are all human, and we all make mistakes.

Thank you to myself for taking the action for change to take place. Imperfect action: yet action. I’d rather take what I’ve learned and apply it into my life, than to have learned it, and not utilize it at all.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thank You!

I have so many thoughts going on that I feel like blogging them when I get a chance.....

Here's to remembering!

My self awareness has grown to a whole new level and since November I've allowed myself to be in a victimized slump. I'm so grateful for the awareness I received at my last conference. So I want to share with you that every time I go to a Life changing conference... I grow to a level of high conscientiousness of my being. We all have the power within ourselves to be great and when WE decide to get connected to it, it's magical. I'm not all the way there but I'm definitely on the right path... I am learning new things about myself that assist me in new discoveries.

But this conference was different... I have Self realizations instead. I feel that in itself those are Breakthroughs too.

Thank you for all the moments!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Seeing with new EYES!

Walking along yesterday and again today.....I see salmon berries along the way. Yummy! Of course I ate them but it made me realize how abundant our mother earth really is. Berries for us to eat... There are things that just grow, and without any watering from us or fertilizer. Nature takes care of that. "The flow of life"

What this means to me right now is....the over abundant amount of weeds I'm pulling out of our yard. Quite a chore but after Breakthroughs, I understand to work on things a little bit at a time. Not push myself to bust my ass all day on a project. Just this morning after my walk I watered my flowers and admired the work that Tyler and I did. Our reward.... Wild Waves today all day until they close! Not all work and NO play. Have a little of both. So here I am blogging from Wild Waves and sharing my thoughts and eye opening experiences.

I am truly blessed and thankful for our Cancun trip to yet the second Breakthroughs conference. I was educated further on my diet that will be more beneficial for us as a family but most importantly, the self realizations I got about myself. They say when you're ready you will see. That expression of seeing with new eyes is true. Now for me the challenge is breaking free from those old conditioned habits and creating new ones.

Today as I was walking I realized that I see with my eyes and think with my head but I'm not sure what it means to feel with my heart. My feelings are a flip of a switch I feel and most of the time I feel cold and snappy. Why? The most important question is.... How do I change that? Today I asked myself what does FUN feel like and I went straight to my head. NO NO NO my friend, that is the biggest thing I've learned about myself. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Well most you who know me, know that I am gearing up to fly to Sedona for a spiritual healing retreat. I'm super excited about this as I truly want to shed off the excess baggage that hinders me. I feel that some of what I what to fell is buried with old feelings that have attachment to the past, maybe past life regressions. I don't know the answer to that but I do know that I am open for anything right now. I truly want to be saved from myself. Allowing and letting go.

Well it's beautiful outside and I want to go play on the rides and the slides.

Have a spectacular day....