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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do u ever wonder

Do you ever wonder why things happen in our life? –I know I do. My reasoning is that I'm so damn analytical. Not sure which one of my parents I got this from. Sometimes it's good and sometimes, not so good. Always trying to play the devil's advocate; thinking of all sides of the situation or maybe the "what if" scenario…

You want something so bad that all you can do is think about it? Yep, what you want and how it should be.

All said and done…sometimes it never turns out to be what we desired. Sometimes it turns out to be the start of something that resembles a roller coaster ride…..

"The ride of our life"

Following this path of what I think that I should do BUT……. what if, what GOD wants, is something different of what I intend. Boy do we get tested on the things we ask for.

What am I deliberately attracting into my life?

Hmmm haven't figured it out yet. Will I ever figure that out? Who knows?

I do know that I've learned that no matter what happens in life, never be attached to the outcome. Just like Law of Attraction says… What you focus on, is what you get.

Today I'm thankful for everything that I have given my energy to.

Those conditioned habits sure like to stay though. They are like stubborn habits deeply embedded in my brain. I do find myself shifting my focus from what is trying to creep back into my thoughts to my thankfulness. I slip lots, but I am aware of the difference. I'm conscious about my "own" thoughts. This is good. It's what I put my attention, energy and focus on…..

What do I focus them on? ~MY DREAMS & DIGGING WITHIN~

So I find myself being analytical about stuff, -no everything.

I'm allowing myself to not be attached to the outcome, and right now I am being tested. Today I found myself saying that no matter what happens… The outcome doesn't matter. That was tough for me to just let it go. –Something so life changing. I admit, I slipped and found myself being analytical about something that I know is completely out of my control.


What does that really mean? It means to let go. It will all work out just fine. You'll see…

Do you ever wonder what do I love to do? Am I passionate about those things? –I do

I'm thankful that I've learned along this journey to change my focus and let go of the past. So thankful for the things that I've dug down deep to find out; some of those deep seeded beliefs that keep me paralyzed from moving forward. Realization is I believe where it all starts. Change is good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Choose wisely

It has been a life long battle of choosing what to focus on in my life.

As a child, I had as most of us all had...a dysfunctional family. My family taught me that I was supposed to stuff every emotion and feeling I had, and they taught me that crying was a form of weakness. As an adult now having gone through some very traumatic experiences in my life, I know better than to stuff my emotions. Here's the thing, we are human and creatures of habits. My emotional stuffing taught me to be a "tough" woman but my conditioning I received as a child has led me to believe how I am not in control of me. This is not true!

Our parents do the best they can do with what they have been conditioned to believe through their childhood and what they were taught. Some parents want different childhoods for their own children, some parents believed that this truly was best and do what their parents did.

Needless to say up until the year 1996, I was a helpless victim in my life. The WHY ME phase... However, I have been exposed to the most transformational experience through my journey of this thing called life. Personal development is something that most of us in this world are never taught. Yes, were exposed to some of it through school or something else, but never really taught how to apply it in our lives.

Today I'd like to talk about Law of Attraction.

This morning, I woke up with that old conditioning of money controlling my thoughts. Thoughts like... I'm broke, how am I going to make the bills next month, the business is still here and not sold yet...etc.

But then I remember some of the basis of my personal development. -Law of Attraction. It is this… What you put your attention, energy and focus on, is what you get more of. I don't want more of me feeling like I'm broke, in debt, -blah -blah -blah. I have to change my focus on what I do want. I have to remember to be grateful. I have to keep my eyes on my goals and the things I'm fighting so hard for. As soon as you lose focus on what you want in life, you've allowed that in which distracts you to win the battle. The goal is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The journey to get there is not pleasant. Keep you sights on the goal and never lose focus of that and the journey wont matter as it's only part of the experience you will be able to share with someone who might be struggling along their own journey.

I actually am not broke, I have money in the bank, (even in savings) not sure why I had these thoughts and feelings this morning. Habit? I don't know why I continue to struggle with this challenge of conditioning that I know is junk in my brain. I am so grateful that I have so much abundance in my life. I am grateful to be part of a company that changed my life within all of my children and my personal life long battle. This company has given me the biggest transformation in my entire existence, and I know that I will share with everyone this product, so they too change their lives. Thank you

Thank you law of attraction for keeping focused on what I do want and making that happen for me with ease and effortlessness.

The DVD I'm watching since it's not listed in the database is "Awakening" It's from a Arizona based company who created life transformational products. They really do transform you into what you truly deserve out of life.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


People who are unhappy in life are focused on what they don't have.

For quite sometime now I have been unhappy. Why? Well I was financially stable in my life; however as a Corporate Accountant I was very unhappy with the amount of hours I was working to make the income I had. (Trading time for $$$) Bottom line…never really seeing or spending time with my boys as a mom.

I was in search of something new. -Network Marketing??? Sounded like something I could do. AND I DID!

I jumped in burning my bridges of my financial security (50hr a week job) and became a network marketer. Long story short… I lost $110,000.00 and this put some financial strain on us, as I was no longer working at a "JOB" Moving forward…

So up until sometime ago I was very unhappy with my life and my decisions.

I became depressed and sulked. I continued to beat myself up about what I had allowed myself to do. -This went on for about 1 year.

Even though I lost all of that money, I gained something. I gained the experience of my mistakes and I gained the knowledge of true self development. I gained the wisdom and the necessary tools in assisting people including my children in their own struggles.

I am thankful for that experience.

So let's talk about abundance….. What is abundance? Abundance is defined as…..


1. An extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply
2. Overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
3. Affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

I have a whole new awareness of abundance. To me it means think of all the things we have in our lives The forest's, the air we breathe, the water that flows out of our faucets and our toilets, the abundance of things you can buy in a store like Costco, the beauty that surrounds us, and there is so much more that could be listed here.

Honestly; I have been focusing the past year of my life on the things I don't have, and that is why I have been unhappy. There is no reason for that. I am very abundant in my life in so many ways that I cannot even begin to say how grateful I am for my abundance. Just to share with some of you where I am today. I own 2 homes, I am the CEO of our Corporation, The director of one division, I have 4 wonderful children who shown me new experiences on an never ending process, a wondeful husband who truly is going in the same direction as I am, driving a brand new vehicle, and I'm always taken care of financially every single month. I am grateful and abundant in my life.

My thought is this.... There are unfortunate and poverty stricken countries and people who live on this earth that encounter this experience everyday of their lives. Who am I to be ungrateful about what I don't have. -Shame on me for my thoughts and choices for the past year. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Sometimes we have our heads stuck up our butts. Thats OK. Just pull yourself out!

To live an abundant life is of one with a truly grateful heart. I am truly abundant in my ever so going life and it comes to me with such ease and effortlessness.

My question to you, who is reading this… Are you abundant in your life... and how? Make a list of those things and have a grateful heart for your abundance.

With Love... Kim

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How grateful am I?

Understand that we are here on the journey of life

Following the path to a better understanding through life's lessons

So today it's time to get serious about my life...

I have allowed my BP to take my power from within who I am.

I know that a change must take place in order to save myself from this madness.

I have BP and I allow it to control me.

Choosing to no longer cope, just do. ~ Do it….What are you waiting for?

Spend 30 minutes with just your thoughts about only the things I desire out of life…

Make a list of 5 things that are most important and start doing those.

To smile with gratitude everyday for what I have in my life.

Yes, I've have a lesson in every experience. What is this one?

Slow down? Take a time in. Turn everything else off.

What do I want in life?

Swimming, Hiking, Playing, Organization…..

Happiness, Love, Laughter, Connection, Adventure?

It's time for me to be focused on what feels right.

What is that? What are those feelings that I deserve to feel? What feels right?

Today and every day are the days we celebrate as life is continuously moving forward.

Be abundant in what we choose for ourselves. ~Yes I am abundant.

I live a very abundant life that I am very grateful for.

I have the freedom to be with my kids when they are not in school.

I Love that we can travel all over the world

Enjoy the things that fill us with laughter and make us happy.

Having a grateful heart; about everything abundant in your life.

Do it with ease and effortlessness.

For those who understand my blog......

Know that sometimes I too focus on the problems and they don't feel so good.

Tension, Frustration, Victimized. WOW! I think it's time for a change in pace ~~~

This no longer feels good.

I know better!

This is one of my many gifts that I share with others that I connect with.

Time to go within… Who am I?

Do you ever get the time to go within yourself for just 30 minutes?

My answer would honestly be that I don't take the time. -No really it's make the time.

A time to dream. Start setting yourself in a productively good feeling.

Yeah all the time... Just shift your focus and think about what it is, you DO want.

Remember you said... Happiness, Love, Laughter, Connection, Adventure? - Swimming,

Hiking, Playing, Organization…..

Today and everyday is an adventurously funny and abundant life that I am thankful for.

I'm able to share my gifts through my own experiences, and make a difference.

If you're close to my heart, you will understand what I've written.

You truly understand more about me and my crazy life.....

Yes we all have our own battles.

What is yours?

Make a list of what you do want in your life and get organized and focused on those.

Take Action! Take Chances!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Challenges are placed in our life for many reasons.

Maybe for growing within ourselves or maybe it's to learn patience. -Who knows....?

Today my challenge is building a website. Yep there is definitely a learning curve that goes with that. I'm up for it because it means that I'm learning something new. Have done it before and am willing to do it again but this time it's a bit different. This time it's something I really have the passion for as this website is our story. -Tom and I. So when you get a chance, in a few weeks go to: and sign my guestbook. Let me know you stopped by.

I love my story and I am most proud of my accomplishments. A challenge is something that is fun to me. Hmmm not normal I know but to me it means that I get to expand and grow. The saying goes: If you're not growing then you might as well be dying. I'm a fighter, who is stubborn in the decisions I make for myself. I will fight for what I believe in and strive forward with my passions in life. People are my passion!

I have learned along this journey that there was definitely some dysfunction in my life... OK -I'll admit it... Lots! However, the silver lining in all of this is that it was a challenge to go back and deal with that dysfunction. No one I know really says… YES! I want to go back and dig up those hurts I had. -Right? I know I didn't want that. My spirit was telling me something else though. As life was in flow, those feeling kept coming up and instead of stuffing them back down I for once had the courage and tools to get to the other side. I chose to listen and was open in the timing of the people and the tools that the universe brought forth into my life. Now I can say I live happily ever after. No, that's not the drill here. There are many aspects to this challenge that I have taken on. The triggers that bring up things that I never knew even existed. The emotions that flow for reason I can sometimes never understand. (Yes, I am a cry baby sometimes and the tears just flow) The anger I get towards the people I love and the strength to understand that it has nothing to do with them. These are those challenges I choose to face in my new path. Gratitude is riches and love is something I feel whole heartedly now. Excited for this challenge has already changed my life. I cannot wait to see what's next. So I get on a topic and I just start typing away without knowing what I'm really typing. It just flows free. This is life just a flow of energy that is within ourselves. So the bottom line is that; I am thankful for the challenges in my life.

Friday, January 11, 2008


In life we all encounter our ups and our downs.... Where am I in this journey today?

Today I am full of gratitude! I will admit that I have been in a downward cycle in some self destructive days and in turn I have had the law of attraction give me more of what I focused on. -Not good. We all will have these slumps and when we are ready to get out of them is when the magic happens. Yesterday, I realized that I was allowing a certain person to take charge of my feelings. Why? …because I was emotionally attached to the mutual people we are connected by. Now I realize that I cannot control what another person does or says. I knew that but was blinded by my love for these kids. I'm sure by now you are asking who, is she talking about?

Well… It's my step-children Tommy and Tabi. Honestly, I never in a million years would ever have seen myself with step-children. Now I have 2 wonderful children in my life in which I am in love with. They live with their mother who is controlling, and is also verbally and emotionally abusive towards her children. -Double whammy for the kids because her husband is also this way.

It kills me to see a mother who can do the things that not only the kids describe but also their counselor describes happens in the household, and Washington state law has high standards in order to remove the children from this environment. We tried, we were denied. This is where my cycle started…..

Today is a fresh and rejuvenated day for me as I realize that the kids' mother is just psychologically missing a few screws. She is lacking something in her life and no matter how hard we try to fix it, we will never be able to do that. Now I understand that emotional attachment to her is liberating for me to be able to remove myself from that! My energy is for me and what I choose to do with it. Undoubtedly, I have been choosing the wrong things to focus on. Today I understand that sometimes I allow myself to get sucked into another persons' dysfunction and that I really should be careful on what or whom I allow to take over my emotions. Bottom line that person is me. I am holding myself responsible to keep my emotions to healthy and productive things in my life.

I have a great big dish of gratitude to Lifepath Unlimited for bringing the useful tools that I utilize in my life. Thank you to the Luminaries of this program to sharing your experience and journey so that others like me can benefit.

My gratitude is for my family in being patient, my husband who with his words has given me the strength in understanding what I can and cannot do about his ex-wife and understanding the dis-attachment that needed to be done.

Gratitude is a state of being in which I am in today!