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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Talk about trusting the process

I will try to keep this short.

Back in 2013 I started a conversation about a job in Miami. My potentially new boss asked me. Have you ever been to Miami? Do you know what it’s like here? My answer was simple. No, I’d never been to Miami, and I didn’t care. I could be happy no matter where I was, as long as it was warm and by the beach. He said “People are rude here” I remember thinking… How people are, and behave is on them. How I allow it to affect me or I react… is on me. My response to him was “There are rude, mean, pissy people no matter where you are in life” -I don’t allow others behavior affect my world. I knew it was a direct correlation of their world, and had nothing to do with me.  Anyhow, let’s get back on topic. 

I was assured that things were in order, and that just certain parts of the job were not being done, therefore, I accepted the position. I sold my home and moved across country. However, when I arrived here (I wish I would’ve taken a picture of the mess and the many multiple piles) things were NOT as stated. Long story short… despite being lied to, I stayed. I cleaned up and implemented and handled the things that needed to be done. They clearly needed my help!

In 2015, I was almost fired. Why? Because, I brought my ethical expertise into this office, and it was not how they operated. Nonetheless, I started to lose my drive for this company. I thought that over time, things would change. Nope! I continued to stay. Why? I had responsibilities. I couldn’t just stop paying those. My modus operandi is to follow the law ethically and honestly. I couldn’t perform my job at the level of professionalism in which I believed in, and little by little as I continued to stay there… I lost myself. My beliefs were still there, but I would second guess myself, I became self-conscious and dwindled into this cowardly soul. I realized that this job was sucking the life right out of me and I couldn’t allow it to continue. Dying a slow death where you lose the sense of who you are. No longer worth the trade. I was supposed to stay with this company until I retire, but I just couldn’t do it. 

So I quit. I took a leap of faith and just trusted that this was part of the process, and in the end… it will all work out. Scaaaary… OMG!

Trusting the process has given me the time away to regain my footing, find my courage again and become that rock I know that I am. I’m so excited to announce that I have found a job with a rock solid reputation; not only the company but the partners as well. They believe in being ethical and being on the up and up with technology and believes in being forward thinkers! This company is within biking distance (if I wanted) from my house and appreciates and considers me as an asset. They truly take care of their staff and I am so glad that I trusted my instincts, trusted the process, trusted myself and trusted that in the end when one door closes… another one will open.

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