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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


On the day of Awaken, Donny said to me, well actually to the Network doc who was entraining me “You know what her deal is, she loves the concept of awaken” What? I feel the most alive I’ve felt in my entire life! My eyes are open, I’m awake! WTF, what do you mean?

What is awaken? What is its true definition?
It’s a verb, its true definition is: to awake; waken.

Then Donny entrains me, or shall I say ROCKS MY WORLD!

Let’s take a step back. I want to encompass the entire picture here. -----Not too long ago, I blogged about a layer of tears lingering under the surface. I didn’t know what they were, or why they were present in that moment. I didn’t know why they had been triggered, or by what. I wasn’t questioning them either. I just knew they were there. Of course I wanted to know what they were, but more so, I wanted them to rise to the surface so that I could allow the feelings to be expressed. BUT NO, that never happened. Since the day I blogged, I’ve let them go; forgotten about them really. Honestly that day, they were very present to my body and since then, the feeling had subsided.

By the way, a big shout out to Donny. THANK YOU!!!!!

Okay, back to my kick ass entrainment… When I was on the table and Donny was telling me that the feeling of being awaken is not separate from me, invite them in and be one in unity. Okay, let’s bring my energy, attention and breath together. AND then… BOOM, just like that it happened, my mouth opened, and a very DEEP sound came from deep within; like it had just escaped freely from god knows where. Then the tears just flowed, and flowed. Snot flowed and more tears; uncontrollably I just allowed them to flow. I didn’t care what I looked like, this felt GOOD. I remember feeling someone tucking tissue into my hand (thank you) and needless to say… it just wasn't enough, but OMG... THANK YOU!!!!! After my entrainment, I was then carried to the floor, I curled up into the fetal position and continued to cry obsessively. It felt so good, like I was releasing something that had been shackled, and held back, but had finally been released. OMG sums it up!

After that moment, the bliss of truly being awakened was present. The love that filled my heart, my entire spiritual being was overflowing with gratitude. In that moment, I felt as if I was lighter in light and that I was on cloud infinity. I cannot ever remember a time, of ever feeling as if I did… in that very moment. 

To live a life in Awaken is a gift that I am so thankful for. I thought I was awake, but now I know different. I can see and feel the difference within my own soul. Thank you for this gift, thank you for the true spirit, thank you for the essence of light and thank god for being our creator. Life is heaven. Sure we may encounter challenging tests, but happiness is a choice, and love is always present. 

Give love, give life, live in peace and be true to your spirit.

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