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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

40th what???

Why is it that I was so looking forward to my 40th....? ---So many things are evolving in my life right now. I feel so “up” --Kind of like… I’m floating around trying to find where I fit. It feels soooo good!

Was it the day itself? Was it a milestone? Anticipation? Who was going to call me? Was my mom going to sing me HB? Who was going to post on FB. All I can say... the highlight of my day was the rock'n entrainment from Dr. Mark. The day was amazing. The one thing that surprised me the most were the shoes and the cupcakes; okay that’s two things! What? Not ice cream cake??? Cupcakes are my… Kryptonite. You guys rock!

I love all the beautiful people around me right now, they made it very special. 

Love and Light!

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