Sharing my JOURNEY....

Sunday, July 31, 2016

A human yo yo

Do you ever feel as if you your going up and down in life. Of course, everyone goes through that right... it's not just me... ha ha! --I'm struggling with decisions. Deciding this, then changing my mind to decide something else. Ugh... I feel like this human yo yo.

Do I continue down the path of this career that I've created for myself? Eh, it's not the most exciting one, but I'm really good at it. Or, do I create a new path and start doing more of what I love? Ultimately that seems like the most logical choice. BUT ---In life there are so many choices, and which one is right?

I guess for me, I am going to just chill and see what happens. AND when I get back from the "GATE" ... I know that manifesting and creating the life that I will be the most happiest will come through.

Here's to the human yo yo, and all the ups and downs that go along with it.


Friday, July 29, 2016

What to do with my time?

It’s been far too long since I could say… what do I do with this spare time?

Right now, it’s about balance. Yeah, I have many unfinished things going on right now. AND things are shifting within my structure, but I can’t wait until things settle down. 
I feel as if I’ve been moving at warp speed. Things have been moving so fast, and I need to step out of it for a bit and re-group. I must find my balance.'

Once I removed the contrast, it opened up my awareness and shifted the perception of what I want. Now, I must really think and focus on the clarity, and time will manifest the future. -Focused intention! 


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Waking up to life!

In my contrast, I’ve discovered that things that no longer serve me, are no longer healthy; I must part from those. I also learned that staying somewhere because you care, may not always be healthy for you. It wasn’t an easy decision but…

Once a realization occurs, it’s harder to stay “there”... without feeling the pain. For me, that happened. I quit my job. It became clear to me that being there was the biggest problem of my life. I made okay money, but I was bored. I felt under-utilized and not appreciated for the sacrifices I’ve made. It doesn’t matter anymore. That was the choice I-- made. I’ll own it!

I know that in order for you to be happy, you must be number one on your list. 

Shedding of the old patterns and emptiness = A new beginning. ---Do I enjoy what I do??? –NO. It’s time for me to try new things. Something fun and part time. Something that can allow me to live my life in balance. I want to do more!

Trusting the process. Even though it feels scary, let’s jump off the edge and see what’s next for me. 

This is a new beginning for me. Where am I going? Where is it going to take me? Cheers to celebrating the freedom to decide and to finding the balance and joyfulness in finding my way!

Love & Light!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Looking at the CONTRAST... to finding the clarity.

I am never afraid to go after what I want. The big question for me right now is? What do I want? Isn’t that what Michael Losier would say? Let’s look at the contrast first. Let’s really process through the parts I don’t like. Let’s shift the awareness, and find those answers.

Right now, I feel as if I’m spinning out of control. Control of myself; mentally, spiritually, professionally, personally. Am I spending too much energy on my physical self? Not making time for the spiritual and mental parts that are equally as important.  Whoa… shit just got real. Awareness is like this big spotlight that is like super bright, and it’s right on those parts that are a bit tender right now. 

When I allow my mind to wander, I feel the faded layer, and tears coming up. Is it bound energy being freed from the shackles of a hindered past. Or is it my present moment. The moment where I feel as if spinning out of control is normal. -The new normal. Ugh!!! NO. –Thank you AWARENESS! It’s time to do my own Clarity to Contrast worksheet. Only then, will I find those answers. The answers that are so challenging to find without the right tools! Perhaps a different perspective; a shift in seeing things differently. As you know… everything is a process.

Okay… to finding those challenging answers.