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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Test of time

It’s amazing the people we attract in our lives. Past and present. Or the people who are friends of friends, or friends of other loved ones like our partners or spouses.

Looking back, I have crossed paths with so many people from so many different ventures I’ve experienced. Some friends stick around, and others seem to fade away over time. Sometimes there are the others… well those ones were our conscience decision to just get away from; joy drainers, and negative nellies. In life, as we grow, sometimes we grow to see that the friend’s we have in our lives are not the ones we want to have, and we must let them just fade away over time.  

But one thing is for certain. I value the ones that have remained in my life throughout the test of time. Despite the fact that I have moved so many times from back and forth from Hawaii to Washington, and now to Florida. AND no matter the miles between us, we still remain friends.

I love you guys, and you know who you are. I will always be there to love, support and give a swift kick in the pants if that’s what you need.

Love and Light!

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