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Friday, June 17, 2016


In life, we all have and make, choices. ALL THE TIME! Right?

At some point along the way, you start to evolve (I think that most of us do) and things become different. Perspectives change. You just have certain boundaries that become non-negotiable no matter what. Unless… you slip up. 

Oh, that happens, and for me… it’s happened m-a-n-y times.

Lately, I’ve swayed away from those I’ve set for myself.

Time moves forward, and slowly creeping in, are behaviors that are against my moral values. --I’ve allowed someone to take my power.  >>>>>Ugh… so, I’m here again.

This looks all too familiar. Geesh… I know I’ve blogged about this a time or two, and apparently… I’m here again.         -----Yay… thank you awareness.

Okay, well…my numero uno rule is… If I engage with another person, or people… everyone should be respectful. I get that we all poke and jab at each other, jokingly, but don’t talk down to me. Don’t belittle me, or others in a demeaning manor. Don’t project your “stuff” on me. PERIOD!

Is dealing with that, worth the trade? 

My highest ideal is… u work on u, and I’ll work on me. Together you can nurture a relationship, and I believe strongly that work is work, and play is play. You don’t date who you work or do business with, set goals, never loan out money, be faithful, have gratitude, give yourself permission, accept acceptance, conquer your fears, stay focused and celebrate love. 

I could probably keep listing out so many of the things I believe in, but I want to keep this short.

Bottom line is… I’m aware now! >>> I’m allowing you to project your crap, and disrespect me, I’m allowing you to take my power from me. 

Hmmm, not no more!

I feel that some people are in denial about certain behaviors. For those people; like my boss, change may have to be something that is forced through a catastrophic event. -AND that's sad to me. Why not become aware and be the change.

The truth is... I know that some people are just not exposed to the openness of the universal energies. Or has, and believes it to be hokey jokey. Again, not open.

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