Sharing my JOURNEY....

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why am I here again?

Does your mind keep you “comfortable?” Scared of pushing further? Oh, how amazing our mind is!

Have you heard of the universal laws?
Law of Attraction, Law of Gender, Law of Vibration...etc.

When you can connect your capable mind to those universal laws, a magical thing happens. The difference is focus and manifestation. I’m so grateful I ran into those CTC Worksheets. They have shifting my internal dialogue, and getting my thoughts, think about what I want vs. how I think things should be, and are. Oh, how I wished things were different. 
I'm looking for balance in my life. 
                 >>What is having balance? 
                 >>What does that mean?
                 >>What would that look like? 

For me, it’s making time every day for me, and all the other things like, Work, Body, Eating Healthy/healthy habits, Relationships and MIA.

This internal battle that is and has been playing, is changing.  I’m finding the balance in my life. The balance between the daily activities that take my time. Is a schedule required? Structure? That, after-all is my keystone.

To do what it takes. What does that mean right now? It’s, take one step at a time, slow and steady. Bottom line. Focus on what I want! Of course the hard work is still ahead but, being right here in this moment, I can feel that something needs to change. Mark is right, I think I am at a crossroads. 

~Stay here where its painful.      Or I can...
~Change those activities in my life (with balance) to become a fit, healthy, balanced woman.

Bringing my power back into my awareness of how things really can be different. I just need to shift my focus. 

Healthy habits: brush 2x, gym/swim/yoga, Shower daily, Kick the junk and SSW.
To awareness and gratefulness of re-tracing. Thank you.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Finding balance between me, healthy habits, work, and my relationships… has been this thing. To me it is this thing that I tell myself. ---Broken records, really.

Today I visited Michael Losier’s website.I was in search of those, contrast to clarity worksheets for a friend. AND in re-reading these worksheets, I realized that I'm playing these broken records of how things are. I’m setting limitations. I’ve convinced myself that I should stay here, where it’s “comfortable”    --I can't say that I’m wholeheartedly happy, frankly, it’s painful to be here.   How in the world did I end up here – again? 

I know that I need to change a few things. On the + side, I am slowly making some progressive changes. Looking at myself from other angles, and not liking what I see. I am celebrating the connection to myself. My body is telling me to create healthier habits, and eliminate others. Hmmm… am I at a crossroads as Dr. Mark says? I am excited about the gate in CO. I trust that I’m going to find my way to cross this road. I am ready!                      Okay, let’s stay focused here. 

To my astonishment, I’m wondering why I’ve allowed this to happen. -and, for so long. I straight up forgot. I forgot how powerful and focused energy can manifest amazing things in my life. I’ve done this on many occasions. Not too long ago really. 2013. 3 years ago. Wow, that has been awhile. Where am I at right now? 

Okay, now that I know, let’s manifest what I want. Focusing my energy and attention to “what I want” >>>>>First thing is to stop listening to what I keep telling myself. Instead, let’s manifest it. Change the record, change your life! Simple tweak of clearing contrast, and I’m off.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Write them down

Dr. Mark once said. “Write down a few things that you desired to hear as a child.”

Write those down on a post it, then post it on a mirror you see every day. -Read them every day.   

-How does it feel when you read them?

The point of the exercise is to read the statements over and over again until you feel... no more emotional charge of resistance.