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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Eating my feelings

Perhaps it may be a bit of stress due to the house project; either way no excuses. 

Last night, I bought Doritos and white cake. I will eat cake for breakfast, dinner and maybe late night snack. I was thinking… just a quick stop for some groceries. NOPE those items don’t count as groceries.

Eating my feelings! YUP

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have never worked in a position where someone has taken away my power and made me feel like a squished bug! I deserve better. I am an asset, I am a dedicated team player and I will not tolerate this. This has gone on enough. Time to dig in!

Oh, I just have to get into my house, I have 2 more weeks of crazy… remodeling, moving, and cleaning happening. Then… I can turn on all of my focus in the areas that matter the most. AND right now that is getting grounded and digging deep into some greater questions about my future.

I am so ready! If this continues, I’m going to break. Break down? Break out? Fuck, I feel like I’m everywhere but at the same time… nowhere! I’m so not grounded, I’m so frazzled!

I’ve got to change that soon, or it’s not going to be pretty.