Sharing my JOURNEY....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What level of it do you have???

I can remember a time when I was being swallowed whole by the drama in my life. It felt like I was drowning. Boy, am I ever so grateful to have moved beyond that and be able to look back and see that experience for what it gave me. The gifts you are given during the times in which you least expect… are the greatest gifts for growing. It may have been growing pains, but I’d rather be growing any way than staying stationary and stagnant.

Honestly, if I was to take inventory of where I am right now, I would say that I am at peace with myself. Letting go has been a wonderful gift. Awareness of new boundaries has also been an incredible gift. In all the times that I have been hurt, each and every one has given me a lesson to learn about myself and another experience to share with others.

I love my partner, but the drama gets old. The level of drama that is in my life because of my partner is unbelievable. Sometimes I can’t believe the lengths that some people will go to take vengeance out on another. I chalk it up to their perception and how they view things from their perspective. I just wish that everyone could just get along. Circumstances change and so do people.

This paradigm shift of life has given me something to think about. I live a frugal life; thankful from the roots of how I was raised. No but really thankful that I am no longer in that rut and materialistic living that kept me not satisfied with where I was and what was. Being in the moment and enjoy all of life’s precious gifts are more satisfying to me that driving a new car or having the latest and greatest. Although I deserve to have everything in my life that my heart desires, the gift of being content and satisfied is ever so relieving.

Thank you for life’s little moments and thank you for the chaos that sometimes comes before the storm. I am ever so grateful for the preciousness of the evolved universe in showing me my path.