Sharing my JOURNEY....

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Count your blessings!

Every day I wake up, honestly I cannot say that I count my blessings. I don’t feel that I am ungrateful but I feel that my focus has shifted. It’s only when I have a moment to myself where there is nothing demanding my time when I take a moment to count my blessings.

Now That things have settled down, I must make a conscience shift to focus inwards again!

I feel that things have shifted so far out of whack that getting grounded again is going to take some very challenging work. I definitely have my work cut out for me. I do know that when I get back into routine again… it will all be worth the hard work it took to get there again.

Just want to say thank you for awareness and everything it brings into the “BIG” picture.

Thank you!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh boy here we go again!

One can only wish that the past would stay there.

Someday, I hope that a person of Jason’s past will realize that she needs to leave Jason alone!

Yes, they have children together, but his children want nothing to do with him “their own father” That’s sad to me and it pains me to see you hurting because of another person’s actions. Oh but one can only imagine the lies; who knows what she has told those children to encourage them to feel this way. -That hurts! It hurts everyone around, but especially those children who are too young to see the truth. The silver lining is.. that one day they will!

I am so sorry that she feels "entitled" and cannot seem to understand that she needs to move on and figure stuff out for herself. She's married again, obviously she is a big girl! Act like one!

The only thing that I can say is the saving grace in all this is that… Jason is a stronger person now, and has finally realized that she is super toxic and is self serving. Her lies and her deceitful and mindless attempts to keep herself plugged in to his life. -Ignorance really

I love you Jason, and I am so happy that you can see things in a different perspective. Opening your mind and your heart has allowed you to see with different eyes! I love it!!!!! Almost as much as I love you!

I know that you love your children and it is hard to keep yourself in the loop with such a toxic individual who drains your joy. I always say it’s easier to blame others than it is to take a look in the mirror. Some people are survivors and others are victims, and I know that you have found a place of peace about this situation and that one day, maybe your children will seek the truth and find themselves back in your life.

I say this with confidence because I was in a similar position with my parents when I was too young to “see” or “know” the difference. -As children, we believe our parents. Then you grow up; and at some point, one starts to seek the truth about the past. It’s a natural process of who we are as humans. It just takes time. The bottom line is that in time things will unravel and the “truth” or shall I say “lies” will reveal themselves.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Living life through your heart not your mind

I am so grateful for the experiences in my life so far to date. Yes, really, all of them!

In my youth I was a victim; a great big giant one! I focused on the negative times whining and complaining, I am not sure if I was ever truly happy with anything back then. Never really was grateful for the good times even when in the moment. Honestly, I have had many lessons come and go and I never realized what it was I was supposed to learn, until after the fact when I would go back and reflect on the past or what I had written in my journal. Yep, I used to journal; it was something I needed to do to get those thoughts out of my mind. -At some point in my life I learned that stuffing those feelings and thoughts were super unhealthy! Thankful for that lesson!!!!!!

My journal was super private and it wasn’t something I wanted anybody to ever read; terrified if anyone ever read my most private thoughts! I guess I felt like someone would judge me for what was written. I used to be so afraid of other people’s thoughts of me… Thankful for the lesson to know that “I just don’t care anymore” I know now, that things just needed to evolve to a point where I could feel comfortable in sharing… which I did. I am so thankful for my mentors who taught me all about becoming a personal development coach. Thank you for giving me the opportunities in assisting others using the tools you have given me and the knowledge to help guide others through whatever they needed.

Now, I feel strongly and compelled to share how I am feeling about who I have grown and become because of those experiences as well as the clients and friends I have helped along the way. Truly those experiences have been a gift; to have crossed paths with such wonderful people, and you know who you are… but really, the courage it took to share your feelings and your most intimate circumstances with me. Kudos to you for having the strength and thank you! Not only did the situation get better for “you”, it taught me a ton about myself.

I feel that as I have grown, and learned to see with new eyes; giving me a different perspective was an outcome I could have never predicted! Once again, I have noticed that I have once again started to see things in an even broader perspective. Living life with love, love, love has enabled me to grow and see even more in life. Not only just “see” but to feel that deeper connection.

On one level or another all living things are connected and I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained through everything and everyone. Thank you to knowing that I am loving every minute of life, every day!

Love and Light

Friday, July 6, 2012

How far is too far?

In these days, the support that is needed from others to assist your childs(rens) success is predominately needed, but how far is too far?

Do we support or enable?

I say support, but sometimes I see that it can be mistaken for enabling. The difference to me is…

Support: Assisting in the dreams and allowing the individual to make their own decisions. Also on that note, someone who is working with a “can do” attitude and is doing whatever needs to be done to make things happen for their own futures. Taking accountability! -Sometimes this is a challenge. In certain times in our lives, we must make a “tough” call and not allow the person to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do. Bottom line the best road isn’t always the easiest road. However in the long run, it will serve you better. –I promise! (Been there done that)

Enabling: To me enabling is doing something for someone over and over again. This person may not be doing very much or anything at all for themselves; they may continue on with their behavior, as if they just knew that someone was going to step in and pick up the pieces time and time again. In my experience in watching someone enable another, I see the lesson in which is given. That is NO lesson is being learned! -This subject is a touchy subject for me as I just get irritated about how others enable people to keep doing what they are doing with no consequences in their actions or behaviors! Bottom line: All it does is hurt the person even more by not allowing them to see the lesson that is put there for a purpose, ergo prolonging the ultimate reason why things are happening for a reason!

So how do you know if you are being supportive or enabling?

This to me has an easy answer, and I feel that I outlined it pretty clearly in my “own personal definitions”

But, just in case you need more clues... ask yourself this… Is my help really helping? What is it I’m really trying to help with? Is it just putting the floor back underneath where it was crumbling out? How many times have I had to do this?