Sharing my JOURNEY....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A time for thankfulness

I know that I was struggling back in 2008 and 2009. I know why, and I know what I was searching for.
In looking back over the past few years… I remember how many questions I had. I've learned... The quality of the question, determines the quality of the answer.  

This is my observation as of today… Not that many entries and even the journal entries in my offline journal are scarce as well.
Here’s to the gratefulness of discovering those answers and feeling good!  

Friday, October 15, 2010

Let it go!

In life it’s sometimes easy to hang on to those things that in our mind we “NEED” but really do we need that? Or is our mind trying to keep us complacent?

I remember when I was stuck on the idealization that I needed marijuana in order to get things done or to deal with certain situations in my life. In my mind I thought that it would give me energy, deeper thoughts and keep me on task. Lies after lies!

The reality is that I was comfortable; comfortable in staying in that frame of mind that I couldn’t see it any other way.

The truth is… once I got over the idea and the mind trap I was in, I understood that the minds job is to keep me comfortable. “Stay where you are and you will be fine”

So here’s the million dollar question… Do you really need _______?

(Those new shoes, to be in a destructive relationship, to lie)*It could be ANYTHING!

The most liberating thing you can do for yourself is have the “Awareness”

Then make those important decisions and get a plan of action.

But most important thing is… take baby steps! **Like a baby taking their first steps? They didn’t get up and run… They got up and stumbled before they even walked or even ran. No matter how many times you fall (and you will) just get up and do it again.

Have faith in yourself because you are a being of light on this planet and you will succeed.

With determination and perseverance anything can happen!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reaching new heights!

For quite sometime I have been wanting to skydive... But the thought of being up high scared the bugeebers out of me so I have been procrastinating for quite sometime until... TODAY!

It is just another reminder to me of the brains way of keeping me in my "comfort zone"

This experience was so much fun that I am definitely going again!

Below is the link to view my pictures on facebook:!/album.php?aid=92742&id=1216724905

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boy, where does the time go?

An entire year has almost gone by and I haven't written much. On here or in my journal either.

I have been busy living life and living with a new perspective.

I used to have a website and it's probably still connected to my profile and wherever I may have put it but I shut that down in February 2010... why?

A new perspective of life has me understanding that I must live in the moment; day by day! I do not need to cast it out to the world to get validation back. I just want to live, breathe and love every moment in time.

I just wanna say in short that life is wonderful; still all up in the air and living by the edge of my seat but life is good.

I'm happy and loving my life and all it has to offer.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are we really in charge?

I used to believe that I was in control and in charge. With age comes wisdom… Or shall I say education. 

To some degree I still am in control, but only with what choices I choose for myself, and how I react to everything that comes across my path.

Let’s talk about the mind for a minute… The mind is the term most commonly used to describe the higher functions of the human brain, particularly those of which humans are subjectively conscious, such as personality, thought, reason, memory, intelligence, emotions and even dream.
As humans, we are bombarded with a variety of information.  In fact, our brain is actually processing 400 billion bits of information every second, and if you had to deal with all the information that bombards your senses every day, you'd be constantly overwhelmed.  Luckily, your brain chooses to filter the information for you ranging from the insignificant to the importance and consciously and we’re only aware of 2000 bits of information every second.  OK, that’s way off the topic but what a profound piece of information to understand the infinite possibilities we have within ourselves!

For me, I believe that we are all amazing; amazing beings of light on this planet within the universe. We all have a purpose and gifts that we can offer and if we are open to seeing things, we are capable of anything!

Here are my questions for you…

1)      1)  What are your gifts?
2)     2)   What do you love?
3)     3)   Where is your focus?
4)     4)  Are you grateful?
5)     5)  Are you open to change?

Those were very hard questions for me just a few years ago, and I didn’t have the answers. Quite honestly I still don’t have all the answers to those, but some of those questions I’ve asked myself and in time, I did discover those answers. 

I am extremely grateful for every experience. Yes, the bad and the good! I am grateful for all the people who have been a part of my life and for all the people who are in my life. Each and every aspect of my life up until now has shaped me into who I am today. 

WOW! I am an amazing being! ***AND SO ARE YOU!

There is a balance, and in life where there is bad, there is certainly good too. You can choose how you see or react to it. 

Find which areas in your life are not working for you, and shift your focus. What may not be working in your life could certainly be the key to opening the door to those answers. The question is… Are you open to seeing new ideas or are you stuck in a comfortable place where change is a challenge. 

Remember FEAR is Finding Excuses and Reasons.

Don’t let conditioned patterns and FEAR hold you back. Take control of your destiny and find your true self.