Sharing my JOURNEY....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pain...we store that down deep sometimes.

Not every part of this book was tru 4 me, but there were many parts that resonated with my feelings. ~Feelings... yeah something in this book just struck the right chord to swing open a door.

Years ago when I read this book, I was given the opportunity to really get in touch with every feeling. The good, and especially the not so good ones too. Those ones were the ones I stuffed as a child. This book was the eye opener for me to wanting to have a deeper understanding of who Kim really is.

Long story short.... This book brought me to a new state of awareness of some stuff on the inside of myself. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and of course but not the least...Spiritually.

Spirituality in my Spirit not a religiousness... I believe there is a difference.

I feel life is about choices and the better I understand myself... then the better I will be.

Thank you to Eliana Gil.... for writing the book OUTGROWING THE PAIN it truly opened Pandora's box for me and I'm so thrilled to discover those hidden parts of myself!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Been 2 loooong!


I was just thinking the other day how it has been awhile since I’ve blogged or even journaled…

Yes, life keeps us all busy… Society is busy! -24hr convenience to humanity on this planet… but I’m of the minority, and for me it’s not filtered drama (Media) and what the outside world thinks or cares about. I just am.

Living day by day is the greatest gift and right now there is no direction or decisions that are urgent. I just am.

But at the same time…. Emotionally I feel as if I’m lost within my own thinking. Craziness! -As if everything is out of order. Changing the thinking habits of analytical thinking… uh actually… it’s thinking in general.

Man, do I over think! I over think about just being in the moment… Hmmm what does that mean? What is that supposed to feel like? Why live life filtered through your brain as to what the plan is….. Just be

Through my experience, I learned that it’s about what and how we feel more than what we think it is, and breathing is healing.

Through Rhythms studio I have found a spark of connection and the tools to being this deep journey within. Deep breathes they are good for healing your spine and other areas of our amazing bodies. It definitely has required me to slow down and feel the connection through breath work.

Still feeling like shit as to knowing or having my brain figure it out (the plan) but actually I’m detangling the past and unwinding the spine to that deeper connection.

Thank you to my life partner for bringing Rhythms into my life.