Sharing my JOURNEY....

Monday, November 24, 2008

WOW how Amazazing

I know that, or is it? I knew that

Hopefully along the way a valuable lesson was learned through the experience.

At least that is what we strive for… Right?

I’ll admit that I have said I know that from time to time? BUT Just recently actually, the lesson was about being in the “NOW” About being in the moment. Isn’t that what they say?

For me I’ve been living in the future, the “what ifs?”

I have allowed my finances to rule my thinking, and the other day I had realized that I have been ungrateful and unkind. Only because of my finances right? I was feeling stuck! The thing is… the perfect puzzle piece fell into place, just days earlier.

I made a commitment to myself and what I’m choosing for me and my life. Of course this was after I made the decision to attend the LPU Breakthrough III.

When I realized the other day that I am in such a “give me” mentality… I realized that I must be of service and be kind to others and be grateful for this very second; this moment in time.

Now to understand that I’m analytical and always processing… Gratitude & Kindness came up and resonated with me at the conference. Just as if I understood that I needed to be at BT. My Ahh ha moment!What does that mean to me?

“It means that I must actually move away from a place in my head and move into a place in my heart”

Not really sure what that means to me but that is the question that lingers in my mind….

To find a sense of peace. Be thankful for this very moment. My vision, my children, my dogs, the air we breathe, the sounds we hear, the mobility in our bodies, my current circumstances, my conscience/unconscious mind, and the amazing things our bodies do without needing us to even think about it… (By far not a complete list but you get the point)

It means to live for today, be in service to others, and be grateful for this moment, well actually be grateful for every moment. Past present and future…

Here’s to my new awareness in taking action, even if it’s imperfect action

I know that just by me being aware and taking action… Those challenges will move into a place of experiences and understanding.

Thank you LPU and to the creators of that dream!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Break Through III

Another important lesson along the way….

A life long challenge that I had, was the desire to overcome all of my emotional stuffing that I did when I was younger. Memories, arguments and things I did as a foolish child. I just wanted to let it all out! Although I remember those stuffed emotions to be painful and not a piece of cake. So in search of the answer to something so painful I found this…..

Along my journey I became a visionary with Lifepath Unlimited. After reading their Mission Statement, I believed that I wanted to be part of that journey. Didn’t know how to make it happen at that point but after the decision was made. It worked itself out to my amazement.

Excited… I started the 56 days to Destiny just prior to our first Break Through event held in Puerto Rico at the Grand Melia. I was really learning to ask myself about me. The candles were beautiful. Ah magnificent!

Anyways during that conference, Peggy Dylan of Sundoor touched right dead set on “Emotional Stuffing” It was like as if she was talking to me.

After the exercises, I had such a deeper understanding of why that process of emotional stuffing came up from time to time, and why it was so important to let it out and “feel it” I continued to listen to the Mentorship Sessions on Saturdays and I learned a lot including the art of EFT. With the 56 days to Destiny and the mentorship sessions I discovered that I could get through it. -Boy was I babbling emotional crazy woman for a few weeks but it was totally worth it to feel that crap. Actually I call it purging. I learned a few key things that have made a huge impact in my life over that event. I learned about the negative effects of the food and what we ingest is 80% of how we look on the outside and of course I cannot forget that I needed to wear a higher sun block. –Good lessons.

7 months later in June of this year, I attended the second Break Through event in sunny Cancun. The lessons were so different than the first event and the beauty of being able to watch the people who firewalked was refreshing.
I learned that we all tell ourselves these “broken records” I can’t do this because of this or whatever it is that keeps us from doing something we want to “try”
Becoming aware of my own broken records helped me realize how I’m holding myself back.

Wasn’t planning on going and after looking for a job and well, still looking for a job, I have decided to do something different. Just take the risk and make it happen!

In amazement of what has transpired over the last 2 breakthroughs I cannot yet ignore that this is part of my next step. The Break Through events has been so good for me that I cannot resist. Completely open to whatever comes my way. All I know is that something has to change in my life to make it better and this event is going to be a turning point for me. I feel as if there is a lesson to be learned here that is going to be the CHANGE.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Being thankful!

Today I am so grateful for what is, and has been transpiring in my life.

Yes the road has been a bit bumpy up until this point, but I have looked back and taken a deeper look at the broken records I have been telling myself in those particular moments.

That is why the road got really bumpy. I was choosing to focus on the negativity of my situation, focusing on the “what ifs”, focusing on the scarcity of me not being able to make it. Wow the reality of it is this….. I was creating and manifesting more of what I didn’t want to myself with a high magnitude of concentration. I know that I know better but sometimes those moments in time are a challenge.

To see something positive out of the situation sometimes is a challenge when you are living in that crap! BUT As strong as I am, eventually I pull out of it. Thank you for that!

Yes, more of those broken records, more lessons on getting out of my head and living in the moment.

Thank you so much for having the awareness of what I was doing to myself. -Self sabotage. Thank you for the life long experiences that have brought me up to knowing when change is required. Thank you for the people who educated me in knowing the difference in conscience decisions. Thank you for everything that has happened in my life. AND thank you for the people who surround me during those challenging times in my life.

As I said earlier, I am so grateful for what is transpiring in my life! My children and I are truly blessed as we are taken care of every single moment of every single day.

To the GOD up above who is so forgiving… Thank you for being the creator of everything that surrounds us.

Here is my pledge of continuing the process of getting out of my own head, my own way and allowing me to live by each moment and experience as it comes. To live consciously is to live, and to make decision instead of reacting is healthy for me.

Thank you for the awareness!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The gift of allowing

Just recently, I have been feeling as if I’m lost and hopeless.

That sucked because that is not me! I am strong! “Strong as a Rhino”….BUT there are my moments where I have my weaknesses too. Yes… My emotions were flying around as if they are just there with no ties and nobody there to rein them in. Yeah I will honestly say I was checked out for a bit… Just being the droid and running through the motions of my everyday life.

BUT…in my moment of weakness I asked for help. I desperately asked for help for someone to take some of this burden that I have in my life right now. I felt as if I just couldn’t keep going like this. I honestly have been carrying all of this debt load and responsibility since my “so-called husband” … Soon to be X Husband left back in July.

Yes I have been strong but I am tired and “I” deserve a break!

So long story short…. Just a few weeks ago… I was forced. YES FORCED!!!!... By a close dear friend of mine to attend a birthday party…. Yup didn’t want to or even feel like going but I did… Had a blast! -Totally worth it and glad that I went. In all actuality I didn’t even feel the sense of guiltiness for taking some “me time”

While I was there I met a wonderful person who I believe I was supposed to meet.

In all actuality I never knew it until a few days ago when I realized that this person, my new friend was my gift, my answer to my request for help.

Not even knowing or trying and in just being who I am…. I have been able to help my friend by just being me and in return my friend is asking me to allow him to help me.

WOW! This means I must let my gigantic wall of defenses and independence down to allow for these actions to take place. Not comfortable by far. BUT… Doing something new is uncomfortable at first but I believe that is where change takes place.

I believe that today, once again I’m proudly wanting to share my challenges with all of you. But I really want to cast out my voice in gratefulness for the law of attraction for gifting me in which I focus on… Even in my down moments I am continually asking for the things I require most. Thank you for my new friends and of course my old friends. Thank you for the awareness of change, and the perception of knowing that all is ok no matter what is going on in this immediate moment.

Until next time...

Hang on tight because life is a bumpy but invigorating ride!